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We will make your basement dry and comfortable with a Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

We not only are the best at basement waterproofing, we also offer complete renovation services. The basement is the most cost effective space to renovate in most cases. If added living space is your goal, we can do it all.

We offer basement waterproofing, structural repairs, crack repair and interior pressure relief systems for homeowners. We also offer spray applied waterproofing for new construction as well as exterior excavation.

Structural drying is critical to prevent secondary water damage from occuring.

Interior pressure relief systems can prevent water intrusion from reoccuring. Crack repair is quick and easy with a low impact on your wallet. Crack repairs can only be utilized in concrete walls. Water damage is minimized when structural drying is performed correctly. It can save your carpets, cabinets and furnishings.

If you need it, we also provide exterior excavation waterproofing with spray applied waterproofing and drainage. Spray applied waterproofing is seamless and very elastic in order to bridge small cracks in your foundation.

Interior pressure relief systems are generally the most cost effective means of water control. The interior pressure relief method of basement waterproofing is a proven technique that, when combined with crack repair on concrete walls, can prevent any water invasion into the living space.

Prevent water damage from happening to you. If you do have water damage, please refer to our links page for structural drying tips. Flood service is expensive and can be prevented if proper steps are taken.

Call us before you need emergency flood service. You'll be glad that you did!