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Structural Repair
Drying, Repair & Renovation


Structural and Foundation Repair

We then repair the damage from the water intrusion and resulting foundation problems with:

  • Foundation repair or replacement, if necessary.
  • Structural repair of damage from foundation settling or water intrusion.
  • Crack repairs, including the repair of bowed or cracked basement walls. Crack repair is quick and easy with a low impact on your wallet. but can only be done on concrete walls..

We make repairs using the materials that best suit your home's construction and the type of damage it has. These can include:

  • Carbon fiber reinforcement
  • Structural steel reinforcement
  • Shot-Crete


Consider Basement Renovation

Since the basement is the most cost-effective space to renovate in most cases, we can. If added living space is your goal, we can do that, too!


The End Result

No matter what type of foundation failure you have, we can repair the damage and offer the best waterproofing solutions to prevent further damage to ensure a structurally sound, dry home for years to come.

Click here to learn about our transferable, Life of the Structure warranty.

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